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In our directory of file types, you’ll find various resources for popular file types and related errors.

What are File Types?

A file type, or file format, is a particular way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file.

In other words, a file type is the given association between a file and the software program used to open that file.

A file type is determined by its file extension, which is a three to four letter suffix appended to the end of a computer file name.

Below are some common examples of file types and related programs.

File Extension File Type Program
PDF Portable Document Format Adobe Acrobat
PPT PowerPoint Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint
DOC (DOCX) MS Word Document Microsoft Word
VOB Video Object File (Various)
WPS MS Works Word Processor Document Microsoft Works
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor File (Various)
XLS Excel Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel
SWF Flash Movie (Various)

What causes File Type errors?

PC users often encounter problems with Windows being unable to open certain types of files.

In many cases, the issue is due to either of the following reasons?

1. The file type is associated with the wrong program
2. The correct program is not installed on the user?s Windows computer system

Common Solution

To easily find the correct program to open a specific file or fix broken file associations, we recommend using a file type program such as FileCure.

FileCure will instantly analyze your files and make sure you have the necessary software information to handle all your file types. FileCure takes the guess work out of opening files by telling you what type they are and which software program opens them. If FileCure does not detect the required software on your machine, it helps you download the program you need.