Working with the .unk File Extension

What is the .unk file extension?

There is very little information from software publishers regarding the .unk file extension. The file extension certainly does not belong to popularly used editable files, and may pertain to a system file.

There have been instances where a .unk file has been received through email and has been suspected for spyware. However, it could also be the result of attachments getting corrupt in the process of email delivery.

Opening the .unk file

There may be times you may want to analyze the contents of unknown file extensions, such as the .unk file extension. Naturally, you will not find any standard programs to open these files.

Tools like FileCure come in handy during such times. This utility creates a readable and editable version of the file and also goes a step further to provide a program editor for the file.

Using tools like FileCure, you can easily open any file extension ? known or unknown.