Working with the .TTF File Extension

What is the .TTF file extension

The .TTF file extension refers to a True Type Font file which basically contains a font map that is usually compatible with Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. True Type Fonts were first created by Apple Computers back in the 1980’s, around the time they came with a graphics capable computer. The font format was in direct competition with Adobe Type 1 fonts used for postscript file formats.

The remarkable aspect of True Type Font formats is the freedom and flexibility it gives to font developers to control how their font looks visually to the last pixel. Another important feature of TTF is that the font doesn’t show deformation or pixilation if expanded for graphic design purposes.

Opening .TTF files

.TTF files can be edited and opened using various programs available in Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. The popular ones are mentioned below:

Microsoft Windows: Corel Draw Graphics Suite, Windows Font viewer (for viewing)

Mac OSX: Apple Font Book

There are no known viewers for Linux-based operating system distributions.

Even with Corel Draw Graphics suite, it may sometimes be difficult to open and view .TTF files. This may happen due to a corrupt file, or bad sectors on the hard disk, or even because of incorrect file associations with the Corel Draw program.

Solving .TTF file extension errors

Whenever you face issues opening .TTF file extensions or any another file extensions, there are utilities available that can help you open these files and recover precious information. In many cases these file restoration tools also enable you to open and check these files. FileCure is one such tool that can scan the file for any irregularities and try to fix them automatically. The program also tries to fix errors pertaining to file associations.

In the absence of a suitable program installed on your computer, a good file repair utility can help create a readable version of your file and if necessary create a reader tool for the file.