Working with the .TS File Extension

More About The .TS File Extension

The .TS file extension is assigned to Video Transport Stream file which is an essential element of DVD video technology. This video stream format is used for storing video information on a DVD disk. The file format uses the Mpeg2 compression codec for encoding video information on the disk.

In a typical video DVD there is a separate folder created to store .TS files. Usually you will find a string of .TS files that stores the complete movie in parts. Though these can be read through standard DVD players, on a PC these files can be read by a variety of file viewers.

.VOB files and .TS file extensions on a DVD format disk

On a DVD you will also find files with the .VOB file extension saved in a different folder. These are also encoded in a special MPEG2 format. However, the extension has its own limitation when it comes to streaming the content over long distances, like Satellite streaming. Limitations like these led to the invention of a new file format called the TS format. The Transport Stream ? TS format was specially created for transmitting MPEG videos in streaming mode through channels such as Satellite. Software like the VideoLAN player can easily manage these streams and recover the data on the stream.

How to open the .TS file extension

The VLC player by VideoLAN is one of the most popular and universal video file player that can play TS files among different video formats.? Some of the popular video players that can help open .TS files are listed below:

Microsoft Windows Operating System: VLC player, Cyberlink PowerProducer, Pinnacle Studio

Mac OSX : VLC player, Roxio Popcorn player, Apple DVD Player

Linux: Visualan VLC player

Managing errors in .TS file extensions

Even with numerous file openers for the .TS file extension, you may be unable to open the file and view its contents. This is when you would require a file repair utility. There are many such file management and recovery utilities available that can help you scan the .TS file and create a readable version of the file. The output file derived may be used to further watch the content and correct any errors that may crop up due to a corrupt file or any other reason.