Working with the .SNP File Extension

About the .SNP file extension

The .SNP file extension refers to Microsoft Access Snapshot files. This file format is specifically used only by Microsoft Access to store information and layouts pertaining to reports for viewing and printing through the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer tool. The tools are available for free download through the Microsoft site as a value add-on for licensed Microsoft Access users. These tools help draw data from the Microsoft Access database. Further, they also create and export reports for viewing on computers that do not have Microsoft Access installed on them.

Microsoft Access Snapshot files have the Compound File Binary Format (CFBF) as its underlying format. This standard format is nothing but a simple container that can store multiple files, directory structures, and elements that are required for viewing Microsoft Access reports.

Microsoft Access Snapshot viewer works just like the way Adobe Acrobat reader works for viewing PDF files. The Snapshot Viewer package consists mainly of an executable program ? Snapview.exe and a supporting control file ? Snapview.ocx, and related files.

Other occurrences of the .SNP file extension

Coffee Cup HTML editor, which is a popular web authoring tool, uses a snippet file which bears a .SNP extension too. Besides this, there has been a security alert and concern pertaining to the .SNP file extension since a malicious worm W32/Nafbot used the same file extension to save and execute itself.

Managing .SNP files

The best way to open and manage .SNP files is by using the Microsoft Access Snapshot tools. However there may be instances where you are unable to open the file due to corrupt file structure or bad sectors on your disk.

During such times, system tools such as FileCure come in handy. The tool scans the file for irregularities and tries to correct any opening errors. In the worst case scenario, the program salvages all possible data and creates a readable file to recover information from the file. Having a tool like FileCure ready in your PC maintenance kit is therefore, highly recommended.