Working with the .rmvb File Extension

What is the .rmvb file extension?

The .rmvb file extension is a proprietary file extension associated with RealVideo format released by RealNetworks, Inc. .rmvb is an acronym for Real Media Variable Bitrate, a compressed video format. The RMVB codec uses variable sampling bit rates to create small size video files without losing too much video quality.

Opening .rmvb file extensions

The .rmvb file extension is a proprietary Real Media format and therefore, can be opened with Real Media Player. You cannot open this file with other standard players like Windows Media Player but you can use the RMVB & RM Player for Mac. File sizes of .rmvb files are comparable to DivX files and require the latest Real Media Player to open it.

Errors Possible with .rmvb files:

You may face issues opening .rmvb files in either of the following cases:

  1. Missing Real Media Player or any valid file opener program. In this case your Windows operating system will throw an error dialog asking you to map the program that can be used to open the file.
  2. You may also get an error if the file goes corrupt due to bad sectors on the hard disk or improper download.
  3. A third type of error may generate if errors develop in the Windows system registry where the file association information of the .rmvb file is saved.

Repairing .rmvb file errors

Simple errors like associating Real Media Player with the file can be done by installing the program and pointing its path to the file. However, trying to repair other types of errors can cause more harm to your system.

File repair programs like FileCure come in handy in such situations. Programs like these can help you scan and associate a valid file opening program. In absence of such a program, the software creates a readable version of the file and also an application to open and work with the file.