Working with a .Psf File Extension

What is .PSF file extension?

.PSF refers to Adobe Photoshop Proof Settings File. This file is a systems file used by Adobe Photoshop that governs color settings used by the program to generate a print proof preview. The color settings compensates and simulates colors that would be reproduced after a conventional 4 color printing process.

.PSF is also used by another popular software ? Arcsoft Photostudio. ?.PSF or Photostudio file is a proprietary bitmap format used to save image data in Arcsoft Photostudio, a popular image editing program that usually comes bundled with Canon cameras.

What are the programs available to open and edit PSF files

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements may be used to open the Adobe variety of PSF files. These programs are available for all versions of Windows and Apple Mac Operating systems.

Arcsoft Photostudio PSF requires the same Arcsoft program which is available for the Windows Operating System as well as for Apple Mac OS.

What happens if a .PSF file goes corrupt?

PSF files can go corrupt due to file system damage or bad sectors in file storage. In the case of Adobe Photoshop, a damaged PSF file can result in inaccurate or absolutely no reproduction of Print simulating colors.

For an Arcsoft Photostudio PSF, the entire image data is saved as a PSF file, and hence the complete image which could be a scan or a memorable photo, would be lost.

How do we repair .PSF file extensions?

.PSF file extensions, as seen above can pertain to more than one program. The first task would be to identify to which program it belongs and then take corrective action. Manual correction of these files through basic text editors is not an easy task.

FileCure is a useful tool that can save a lot of time and effort by associating the respective .PSF file to the correct program. The tool fixes any file system errors and resumes normal operation of the file. In case there are no registered viewers of the file in your system, FileCure creates a readable file with a customized opening program for that file that allows you to repair and open almost any type of file extension.