Working With .Ogg File Extension

What is the .ogg file extension?

.ogg refers to audio files encoded using the open source and non-proprietary OGG Vorbis compression. The OGG codec promises better hearing quality as well as better compression ratio as compared to its counterparts like Real and MP3 file formats. Although Mp3 by far is still the most popular audio file format, OGG is extremely popular among open source enthusiasts, and almost all commonly used music and media players support this format.

Players for opening .ogg file extensions

As mentioned earlier, the OGG file format is readable by most media players across operating systems.

For Mac OSX, the in-house Apple QuickTime player plays it provided it is loaded with the XiPhQT plugin that enables smooth rendering of the OGG file format. Other Players for Mac OSX include the Free OGG Player for Mac, Roxio Toast Titanium, Whamb digital audio player and the popular VLC player by VideoLAN

The Microsoft Windows operating system has a range of many more players to open and play the OGG file extension. Microsoft’s own Windows media player can render OGG files when it is loaded with a DirectShow Filter plugin that includes the OGG codec. Some more popular players include the Nullsoft Winamp, Real Networks Real Player and Video LAN’s VLC media player for Windows.

On Linux, OGG is supported technically by every media player made for the operating system. This is mainly because both the Linux operating system as well as the OGG codec are purely open source and are maintained by a community of developers from around the world. Popular players in Linux include the Totem Player, Amarok, VideoLAN’s VLC player for Linux and Real Player for Linux

Converting OGG files

OGG files can be easily converted to Mp3, or any other audio formats with the help of an audio conversion tool, such as audacity which is available free online. Converting OGG files can help you play the file using programs or media player hardware that do not directly play OGG.

How to manage file errors in OGG files

There is a chance that your favorite music collection saved as OGG files will refuse to play on your device. This may happen due to file system errors that may crop up due to various issues including corruption of the medium that stores the file. In such a case, you will need a master-key software that can help you open and recover information from the damaged file.

The FileCure tool allows you to do just that. It scans for file extensions and relevant associated opening programs. In the absence of a suitable match between the two, FileCure creates a readable file and a player for the same, much to the convenience of your uninterrupted audio.