Working With The .Icl File Extension

What is the .icl file extension?

The .icl file extension refers to the Windows Icon Library File. A .icl extension file enables you to access a collection of icons that can be used to replace default icons in the Windows operating system. Only icons that apply to .LNK files (Windows shortcuts) can be updated through the .icl file extension contents.

How do I open a .icl file extension?

There is no standard program for opening a .icl extension file because it is a proprietary Windows Operating System file. However, you can access the contents of the file by right-clicking any existing icon of a Windows shortcut and choosing ?Change Icon? within the ?Properties? option. This will work only with Windows shortcut and not any other file icon in Windows.

Possible errors with a .icl file

A .icl extension file can get corrupt due to bad sectors on the hard disk space where it is stored, or many such factors. In such a case the required Icons may not show up as desired. Since a .icl file stores a collection of Icons, a default set of icons may appear if the mapped .icl file goes bad.

How to correct errors in .icl files

As mentioned earlier, a .icl extension file doesn’t have any standard viewer in Windows. Unlike files with script content in it, .icl files contain graphic content and therefore, cannot be edited using a text editor like notepad too.

In such a situation, a reliable file extension repair software can help you a lot. This program helps you detect file system errors in almost each and every type of file ever created. In case the file does not have a standard player, the file extension repair software will create a special readable version of the file and a player or a reader for viewing the same.