Working with Files with the .flv Extension

What is an .flv file?

.flv or the ?Flash Video? file is a popular and commonly used file format that delivers video over the Internet. It belongs to the ?container? or ?wrapper? type file format that embeds audio and video contents and presents them in a single file to users. It is often ?contained? in SWF (Small Web Format) files, which are nothing but a combination of vector graphics, animations and applets. Many of the top internet video content providers like YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe employ this Flash Video format.

.flv files were originally created by Macromedia and later acquired by Adobe systems.

How to create a .flv file

A simple multimedia player like Adobe Flash Player can create these .flv files. Firstly, SWF files are created using tools like Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex. Then, a supporting scripting language called ActionScript, extracts the flash video from the SWF file and displays the Flash video.

What is the format of a .flv file?

Earlier versions of Flash player like 6 and 7 run Flash video files with video bits that are compressed together using specific codec algorithms that conform to the H.263 video standards (under the name of Sorenson Spark). Codec algorithms are a set of programs or rules that encode the digital data stream for transmission and decode them for playback or editing.

The much newer Flash Player versions 8 and above run the Flash files with the video format On2 VP6 that has superior quality video content. Audio files in the Flash Files are compressed in the MP3 and few other formats.

How to play an .flv file

FLV player is a media player that helps us open and play flash video (.flv) files.? A few of the freeware and software that have this FLV player are:

Do you still have problems opening and playing .flv files? ?Just install the FileCure tool, which will enable you to play? .flv files almost instantly.