Working with Files with the .efx Extension

What is an .efx file?

.efx file extension indicates a document or file that is created using eFAX, an Internet service to send and receive faxes via email. It is simply an eFAX document file.

How do I send an .efx file?

You do not need a Fax machine if you use the eFAX service to send and receive faxes. With this online service, you can fax any document via email. Just use any of your email services like Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo mail, a fax number and attach the document to be faxed. Otherwise, you can use eFax messenger or the eFax Website. ?It is a faster and convenient way to send and receive faxes. eFAX Service is available in three different versions:? 1.eFAX Plus ?2.eFAX pro ?3.eFAX Corporate.

How to open an .efx file

An .efx file received via email can be opened only by an eFax messenger. Separate versions of eFax messenger for Windows and Mac OS can be downloaded and used.

Can the .efx file format be converted to any other file format?

Yes. There are options available in the eFax service so that you can change the settings to receive fax in a specified format other than the .efx format. You can receive faxes in formats like .tif, .jpg, and .pdf.

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