Working With .dtd Extension Files

What is a .dtd file?

The .dtd extension indicates that a file is in the Data Type Document (DTD) format that is widely used in XML( Extensible Markup Language), a language for creating documents in a PC or machine readable format on the internet. The rules or standard for encoding the documents are defined in the XML 1.0 Specification produced by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

The .dtd file extension also stands for Design tools draw File. It is a format used for creating documents using 2D design, an application to create two-dimensional designs with various shapes and colors that are used for different types of drawings and creating logos etc. The files created in the above dtd format can be saved in any of the formats like .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIF, .WMF, and .BMP etc.

What is the purpose of the XML .dtd file?

.dtd files are simple text files that define the structure or format of an XML document. Each XML document can hold its own format. In addition, individual groups of people can establish a protocol or a set of standard for creating, receiving, interchanging or sharing machine-readable documents via the web. ?They are also used in the verification or validation of the documents interchanged on the network.

What are the contents of an XML .dtd file?

A .dtd file is a text file that contains elements, attributes, Tags, Entities, CDATA, PCDATA that are written as a part of ?any of the markup languages like XML, HTML, and SGML, ?which are used to create web pages.

How to open a XML .dtd file

Other than the usual text editors, the following are the programs that can open a .dtd file in Windows .

  • Altova XMLSpy
  • MS Visual Studio 2010
  • MS Notepad
  • Progress Stylus Studio

On a Mac OS, the following software can be used to open .dtd files.

  • AppleTextEdit
  • Altova XMLSpy

Design Tools Draw file (dtd) can be opened in Windows with the following tool.

  • TechSoft UK 2D Design

Does your Mac or Windows OS generate file type errors while you try to open and work with your .dtd files? The FileCure tool can be used to correct these issues. With its efficient file repair techniques, it can open any file with .dtd extension. It is a simple and easy-to use tool that can fix any type of .dtd file error fast.