Working with the .docx File Extension

What is the .docx file extension?

Microsoft Word, which is a part of Microsoft’s Office Suite, is one of the most popular applications used for creating and editing text content, along with rich formatting, tabular data, images and clipart and even graphs and charts. For a long time the format has been a world standard in publishing word processed data.

Until version 2003, Word Documents were armed with a .doc extension, which was universally followed for a long time. However, with the advent of Office 2007, the .docx file extension was introduced, which had better content compression ratio and stable XML architecture. The format also claims more open standards that allow integration with other office suite programs like

Programs for opening the .docx file extension

To open files with the .docx file extension the most direct and popular program is Microsoft Word version 2007 or above, which allows smooth conversion and opening of the file. You can also install a compatibility pack in older versions of Microsoft Word to open these files.

Apart from Microsoft Word, word processor called Writer can also help create and edit .docx files.

Errors in opening .docx files

The most common error in opening a .docx file is when someone tries to open it using a version of Microsoft Word earlier than Word 2007 and no compatibility pack is installed on the system.? Another error is when the file is lost in a slew of bad sectors on the hard disk. Sometimes, even registry errors in Microsoft Windows may cause blue-screens and non opening of files.

Repair of the .docx file extension

In case your PC doesn’t have Word 2007, you may use a tool like FileCure. The tool helps in scanning unattended areas of your PC to find files that do not have associated program files. The program also creates readable versions of the files and also creates a small opening program to use and edit data of the files.