Working with the .doc File Extension

More about the .doc file extension

.doc is among the most popular file extensions used by Word Processing programs in Windows as well as other operating systems. The direct program reference for a .doc file extension is Microsoft Word ? from Microsoft Office Suite.

.doc files created in Microsoft Word help you create content rich documents with a variety of text formatting, tables, embedded images, and many other useful as well as attractive publishing features. It is a standard file extension used around the world for handling and editing text content with formatting and additional visual information in terms of images and clipart.

Programs that can be used to open .doc file extensions

In Windows, the first-choice program to open .doc files is Microsoft Word. However, there are alternative office suites available with which you can open and edit files with the .doc file extension.

Microsoft Word also has a compatible version for Apple Mac OSX which is again good for opening Word documents on that platform.

Open Office, the free office suite by Sun Microsystems, can also open all files with the .doc file extension. You can use it in Microsoft Windows as well as various desktop distributions of the Linux operating system.

Errors in .doc files

Errors in opening a .doc file extension may happen if there is no relevant program to open the file. Errors are also likely to happen if some part of the registry gets corrupt, or if your disk develops a bad sector.

You will typically see a screen saying, ?Windows cannot open the specified .doc file?.

Repairing .doc file extensions

Repairing .doc file extensions can be made simple by using a file extension repair tool. This tool will scan the problem file and your system to find out ways to easily open and recover information from erroneous files with the .doc or any other unknown extension.? File extension repair tools can create a readable version of the unknown extension file and also provide a file opener to manage the freshly created file.