Working with the .386 File Extension

More about the .386 file extension

Microsoft Windows operating systems use many system files that run in the background and never need to be touched or opened by normal users. The .386 file extension is one such system file that is used by the operating system to perform some of its background tasks.

The .386 file extension refers to a Windows Virtual Device Driver that was used in early PCs which ran on Intel 80386 microprocessor chips. The file was used as a device driver to help hardware communicate with each other and perform the overall computing tasks. The file is used in running the ?386 enhanced mode? in Microsoft DOS operating system operations.

If files with the .386 extension are received by email, they should be carefully scanned since it could be a malware in disguise.

Opening .386 files

There are no registered file openers for .386 files because it is a system file and is not required to be opened by general users.

Errors with .386 files

Errors with these files may cause some malfunction of programs that use .386 files as their system file.? There can be errors due to a corrupt file, or bad sectors in the region where the file is saved.

These errors can be fixed by using tools like FileCure. This utility opens files of virtually any extension by first trying to associate it with an existing program on your machine. In the absence of a related program, the tool creates a readable version of the file and also provides a reader software for the file. Working with files of unknown extensions and reading them becomes very simple with utilities like FileCure.