.wmdb File Extension – An Introduction

.wmdb file extension ? An Introduction

Files with the .wmdb extension are associated with Windows Media Player, which is a free application included in the Microsoft Windows operating system. This application allows users to play audio or video files on their system.

The .wmdb file is also called the Window Media Database file or Window Media Catalog file.

What is the function of .wmdb files?

Windows Media Player relies on various files, including .wmdb files for its proper functioning.

Windows Media Player uses an efficient database to store information about media files on a user?s PC. The information includes the following:

  • Name of the file.
  • Location.
  • ID3 tags.
  • WMA tags.
  • Associated Images.

The way Windows Media Player scans your hard disk to locate files, both audio and video files that the software can play. These details are stored in a .wmdb file.

Therefore, a simple definition of the .wmdb file would be that this file is used by the Windows Media Player to store information related to the user?s music or video files.

The two main functions of the .wmdb file are ? it enables Window Media Player to show a user all available files that Windows Media Player can play and when the user selects a particular file to be played, the .wmdb file tells the exact location of the selected file to the Window Media Player.

Typically, the .wmdb file is located in the program folder of Windows Media player and are named in the format <CurrentDatabase_###.wmdb>.

Should one open a .wmdb file?

A .wmdb file is used by Windows Media Player for reference. This file is not meant to be opened by the user.

However, at times, you may face problems with your Windows Media Player if the .wmdb file is corrupt. In this case, you may use a file repair software to fix issues with the damaged file and make it usable.