What Type of Information is Stored in Files with the .acf File Extension?

What is the .acf file extension?

The .acf file type is primarily recorded to be associated with Microsoft Agent, which is a technology designed to improve interaction with computer users by using animated characters, text-to-speech engines, and speech recognition software.

.acf files are commonly referred to as Agent Character Data Files and typically store the following data:

  • Design of characters created using Microsoft Agent.
  • Details about the characters, including character?s appearance and size.
  • Details regarding how the character will move and where the joints are located on the character?s body.

Microsoft has discontinued MS Agent and stopped providing technical support for this program with the release of Windows 7.

Names of Programs that can open .acf files in Windows

If you use Windows you may open an .acf file using any of the following two programs:

  • Microsoft Agent
  • Microsoft Agent Character Editor

Other file types associated with the .acf file extension

Various other file types are also recorded to be associated with the .acf file extension, their names are:

  • Adobe Photoshop Custom Filler
  • DB/TextWorks File
  • AdviceCalculator File
  • Spectrum Application Colors File
  • X-Plane description File

Unable to open .acf file type?? what should I do?

If you are not able to open an .acf file using the programs installed on your Windows PC, try FileCure, which is a top-rated file opener program that allows Windows users to easily access various file types, including .acf file types.