All You Need to Know About the .thm File Extension

.thm file extension ? A detailed description

There are four .thm file types recorded, and each one is discussed in detail in this article.

File Type #1 – Thumbnail Image File

Files with the .thm extension are small icon-sized images that represent a larger image. These files may be created by different video editing or photo software and are commonly used in clip art galleries or on the Internet.

You may also find the .thm file extension being used as sample images of photos by various digital cameras.

The .thm (Thumbnail Image File) file type falls under the Raster Image Files category.

How to open a .thm thumbnail image file

If you use Windows, you can open a .thm file with the following applications:

  • ACDSee Photo Manager 2009
  • Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery
  • Any other Image viewer

If you use a Mac Operating System, you can open a .thm file with the following applications:

  • Apple Preview
  • Any other image viewer

File type #2 – Thermwood Macro File

.thm files are macro files used by Thermwood CNC Routers. These .thm files store router machining instructions to automate the router process.

How to open a .thm thermwood macro file

If you use Windows, you can open these .thm files using the following program:

  • Thermwood Mastercam

File Type #3 – Video Thumbnail File

These .thm files are Image Files and are actually a thumbnail image of a video clip. The thumbnail image is created when you save a video clip. A .thm file contains a small image from the first frame of the video clip that it represents and follows the same name pattern as the video clip with which it is associated. For instance, if the name of the video clip is wow01.avi, the name of the .thm file will be wow01.thm.

With the help of the right software you can transfer .thm files to your computer from your digital camera or digital video camera.

How to open a .thm video thumbnail file

You can open a .thm file on both Mac and Windows using any picture viewer.

File Type #4 – Sony Ericsson Theme File

The file extension .thm is associated with the theme files of Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

How to open a .thm file

If you use Windows, you can open a .thm file using the following programs:

  • Sony Ericsson Themes Creator
  • Theme Creator Pro

If you use a Mac operating system, you can open a .thm file using the following program:

  • Sony Ericsson Themes Creator

In case you are unable to open any .thm file type on your computer you may use FileCure (a software that allows you easy access to various file types) to open the .thm file.