All You Need To know About the .sys File Extension

The .sys File Extension ? A Detailed Description

Various instances of .sys file types are recorded. We will take a detailed look at the three most common .sys file types and also provide the names of other recorded .sys file types.

File Type# 1

Windows System File

The .sys file extension is associated with Windows System files. These are important files that store executable code for hardware devices, such as 1394bus.sys or configuration parameters, such as config.sys or msdos.sys.

.sys files or System files as they are popularly known are essential files that are required to run the operating system. Owing to the critical nature of these files, they should not be edited unless you know what you are doing.

Programs that open .sys files in Windows:

  • Text editor

Programs that open .sys files on a Mac Operating System

  • Parallels Desktop 5.0 with Windows installed

File Type# 2

Motorola Driver File

The file extension .sys is also used by device driver files of Motorola cell phones. The primary function of Motorola driver files, such as m56pci.sys or p2k.sys is to facilitate communication between the cell phone and the computer to allow the transfer of data from one device to another. Generally, these files are installed on your computer from the software installation disc that comes with the cell phone.

File Type# 3

PDP-10 file

The file extension .sys is associated with PDP-10, which is a mainframe computer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

In addition to the above three .sys file types, other recorded instances of the .sys file type are:

  • PlayStation 2 icon
  • Microsoft Windows bitmap image format
  • Data file
  • Unknown Apple II file

In case you are not able to open a .sys file on your computer, then you may seek the help of a reliable and advanced file repair tool. This will help fix issues with the problem file and then open it so that you can edit and save it as per your requirements.