What Are .stb File Extension Files?

.stb file extension ? A description

.stb files are also known as ?named style plot table? files. They are used by AutoCAD, which is a software that is used for designing mainly in manufacturing or construction projects. These files are produced by Autodesk and contain information about how a plan created with AutoCAD program will be displayed.

A typical .stb file has the following information:

  • Thickness of the lines in the plot or plan.
  • How many colors will be used in the plot?
  • What colors will be used in the plot?
  • What symbols such as, window in a building will be used to denote items on a plot?

The Mime type of .stb files is ? application/octet-stream and the .stb files are document files.

What are the other instances of .stb file types?

Other recorded instances of the .stb file type are listed below sequentially on the basis of their popularity:

  • Genus Stub Library
  • Scantech Scanner File

Which program(s) can be used to open .stb file extension files in Windows?

You can open a .stb file using the following program:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD

I?ve downloaded a file with .stb file extension but Windows is unable to open it

As mentioned above, you require Autodesk AutoCAD to open files that have .stb file extension. If AutoCAD program is installed on your PC then use it to open the .stb file that you have downloaded, otherwise we recommend that you download the FileCure software to successfully view the contents of the .stb file.