A Quick Look at the Files with the .ftw Extension

What is an .ftw file?

The .ftw file extension identifies a Family Tree Maker program file for genealogy portals like myfamily.com and ancestry.com. It contains the profiles of family members in a ?tree? structure that organizes the members in a genetic or ancestral order. Personal details of the family members like photos, videos, family updates, discussions, tagged files for upload and download as well as event calendars make up the family tree maker file.

Can .ftw files be converted to any other file format?

.ftw files can be converted to the standard GEDCOM format. GEDCOM (Geneological Data Communication) is the de facto standard for interchanging genealogical data among various genealogy software. It is a simple ASCII or ANSEL text file containing details about family history. It also contains Metadata that link records together. .ftw files can be exported to the GEDCOM format.

How to open an .ftw file

There are a few software and freeware that can open .ftw files. These include:

  • Ancestry.com Family Tree maker software
  • Family Tree builder 4.0 software from myheritage.com

Waiting to open an .ftw file on your computer?

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