Purpose of the .wiz File Extension

What is the .wiz file extension?

A .wiz file is commonly referred to as a Wizard file and this file type is recorded to be primarily associated with Microsoft applications, namely Word and Publisher. Word is a popular and widely-used word processor from Microsoft, whereas Microsoft Publisher is a useful desktop publishing application.

.wiz files are executable files and the MIME type is application/msword.

Purpose of .wiz files

.wiz files store macros templates and allow users to quickly perform a series of steps that are necessary for the completion of a complex or repetitive task.

How to create a .wiz file in Microsoft Word

To create a new .wiz file in Microsoft Word, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a new Word document.
  2. Create a new macro.
  3. Save the Word document as a .dot file.
  4. Change the file extension of the saved .dot file to .wiz.

Built-in .wiz files

Certain .wiz files come included with your Windows computer. While it is possible for you modify the content of some .wiz files by editing the embedded macro, certain built-in files contain encrypted macros, making them impossible to comprehend and edit.

Names of the Programs that can open a .wiz files in Windows

  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Microsoft Publisher

Other instances of file types using the .wiz file extension

Two other file types are recorded to be associated with the .wiz file extension. Their names are:

  • RayDream Wizard file
  • Conjure Chemical Modeller Input file

Unable to open a .wiz file in Windows?

First, check to see if the programs required to open the .wiz file type are installed on your computer or not. In case you have the required application but still are unable to open the .wiz file, then chances are either the file is corrupt or one or more file openers on your Windows system are damaged. Use a reliable file extension repair program to correctly diagnose and resolve the problem.