Purpose of the .sfv File Extension

The term SFV is an acronym for Simple File Verification, a file format that is used for verifying the authenticity of files.? .sfv files store CRC32 checksums of files to check if they have become corrupt or not. An .sfv file compares a file?s CRC value to a previously calculated value to determine its integrity.

The SFV file format is used by various file verification programs ? some of them are available on the Internet as a free download – which you can use to ensure that the files you have downloaded have not become corrupt. Common causes for file corruption include: inconsistent Internet connection and questionable downloading source.

Can an .sfv file be used to check the authenticity of files?

No, it cannot, as CRC32 is not a collision resistant hash function. Despite the obvious shortcoming, the SFV file format is very popular, owing to the ability of the SFV programs to quickly calculate the CRC32 checksums.

Names of the programs that can open .sfv files

If you use Windows, you may use any of the following programs to open an .sfv file:

  • QuickSFV
  • MooSFV
  • RapidCRC
  • pure-sfv
  • WinSFV
  • SFV Checker
  • Amok SFV Utility
  • SlavaSoft FSUM

If you use a Mac OS, you may use any of the following programs to open a .sfv file:

  • SuperSFV
  • MacSFV
  • cksfv

If you use Linux, you may use any of the following programs to open a .sfv file:

  • Check SFV
  • pure-sfv

How to open an .sfv file

In case you have downloaded a file archive that includes an .sfv file, then you may use the .sfv file to check the integrity of the files you have downloaded.

To open an .sfv file, use an SFV program, such as QuickSFV, which is available for free download. Next, perform the following steps to open the .sfv file:

  1. Install QuickSFV.
  2. In the File Association dialog box, select the box before SFV.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Double-click the .sfv file to open it.

You can also create an .sfv file using QuickSFV. Creating a .sfv file is recommended when you are providing files for others to download. As the recipients can use the .sfv file bundled with your file archive to verify whether the files have been downloaded correctly or not.

At times you may come across a situation where you are unable to open an .sfv file. This may happen if the .sfv file you are trying to open is corrupt. To correct the issue and open the .sfv file, we recommend you use a reliable and easy-to-use file extension repair program that is known to promptly fix corrupt files.