Purpose of the .ref File Extension

Purpose of the .ref file extension

Basically, .ref files are reference files that numerous programs use to store different kinds of information. Programs may use .ref files to store cross-reference information, such as information about the version of the software running. Software may also use .ref files as placeholders for temporary information.

Programs that use .ref files

Below are the names of some popular programs that use .ref files:

  • Ad-Aware ? Ad-Aware is a security program from Lavasoft. The program uses .ref files to store its spyware definitions.
  • Pro/ENGINEER ? The program is recorded to store its temporary files as .ref files.
  • Train Simulator ? Train Simulator games use .ref files as object reference files.

Is it safe to delete .ref files?

As .ref files may be used by various programs to store important information, it is recommended that you do not delete these files.

How to view .ref files

Often, .ref files can be viewed using a basic text editor. In case you are unable to open .ref files with a text editor, use a reliable file opener program for Windows that will allow you to view various file types, including .ref files.