Purpose of .ram File Extension Files

Purpose of .ram (Real Media Metafile) file

Files with the .ram file extension are used by RealPlayer to play offline or online audio files on your computer. RAM files contain URLs to other RealMedia files, such as .rm files in which the actual audio or video content is stored.

When I upload a .ram file to the Internet, I get an error ? What should I do?

Typically, the behavior is caused when the .ram file is not created correctly. When you create a .ram file, you must ensure that it contains a single line that points to the full URL of the .rm file. To understand this better, let?s see the below-mentioned example.

Let?s say you want to create a .ram file, named test.ram to point to the test.rm file. To do so, use a text editor and list the URL to where the test.rm file is stored. For instance, if test.rm file is located on thisismywebsite.com, then your .ram file, titled test.ram must contain a single line that points to the location of the test.rm file, which is ? http://thisismywebsite.com/test.rm.

If there is any mistake in the URL, such as spelling mistake then you will receive an error when you upload the .ram file to the Internet.

How to convert .ram to mp3

To do this you will need to use a file converter. There are various free file converters available on the Internet. You may download a reliable file converter from the Internet and use it to convert .ram file to mp3.

What programs are known to open .ram files?

If you use Windows, you can open a .ram file using any of the following applications:

  • RealNetworks RealPlayer
  • Windows Media Player
  • E.M. Total Video Player
  • JetAudio Basic
  • Zoom Player Professional
  • Total Video Player
  • DVD X Player (Standard and Professional version)
  • Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari with the RealPlayer Plug-in.

If you use a Mac or Linux Operating system, use either of the two programs to open .ram files on your computer:

  • RealNetworks RealPlayer
  • Web browser with the RealPlayer plug-in

If you are facing problems, such as file type errors when you try to open a .ram file, then seek the help of a file repair software to fix the issue and open the desired file.