Purpose of .qtx File Extension

What is .qtx file extension?

Files with suffix qtx are plug-in files for QuickTime application. QuickTime is a popular audio and video player from Apple, Inc.

The .qtx files come under the category of Data files and the Mime type is an application/octet-stream.

Purpose of .qtx files

A QuickTime player has a set of codecs included in it that allows it to play different video formats. The .qtx files allow QuickTime player to support additional file formats, increasing the range of file types that QuickTime can play. But for QuickTime to reap in the benefits that .qtx files provide, the .qtx files must be stored in the correct location.

Location of .qtx files


QuickTime 7 and latter version store .qtx files in Windows in the following location: C:\Windows\System32\QTC components.

Earlier versions of QuickTime stored the .qtx files in Windows in the following location: C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTComponents.


The .qtx files in Macintosh computers are stored in the /Library/QuickTime/ folder.

Name of the program(s) that can open a .qtx file

Both in Windows and Macintosh computers, the .qtx files are referenced by Apple QuickTime Player.

The .qtx files are not meant to be opened manually.

Other file types recorded using the .qtx file extension

In addition to QuickTime Plug-in files, other file types recorded using the .qtx file extension are:

  • Quicken Data File
  • Qtext Text File

What to do when ?Windows cannot open the file? error occurs while opening a particular file?

The above error may occur when:

  • The program associated with the file is not installed on your Windows PC


  • The file you are trying to open is corrupt

To fix the issue you may first install the program with which file is associated with and then try to open the desired file. In case the error persists, you may seek the assistance of a reliable file extension repair program. Such programs are adept in making corrupt files reusable.