Purpose of the .manifest File Extension

What is the .manifest file extension?

A .manifest file is a Visual Stylesheet XML file used with Windows. These files come under the category of system files.

Purpose of .manifest files

Windows XP has introduced a new look and feel to the Windows User Interface. But the older applications continue to use the older look. With the help of a .manifest file, older applications can use XP?s newer look. To achieve this, a .manifest file is created.

.manifest file nomenclature

A .manifest file is provided the same name as the program that uses it, with .manifest added after the .exe extension. For instance, .manifest file of MyProgram will be named MyProgram.exe.manifest.

.manifest files are saved in the same directory where the .exe file of the program is located. To carry on with the above example, MyProgram.exe.manifest will be stored in the same directory where MyProgram.exe is located.

Name of the program that can open a .manifest file in Windows

.manifest files are used by individual executable programs

.manifest files are not meant to be opened by the user directly. In case you come across a file type that you need to open but are unable to do so by double-clicking the file then you may use FileCure, an excellent file opener program that allows Windows users to access innumerable file types.