What is the Purpose of Files with the .ithmb File Extension?

The .ithmb File Extension ? An Explanation

The .ithmb file type is recorded to be associated with the Apple iPod and ithmb files are designed for use on Apple hardware devices only.

An .ithmb file is commonly referred to as an iPod Photo thumbnail and can store up to 25 thumbnails for display. These files contain all the photo data of a photo-capable iPod. The data stored in .ithmb files cannot be read by regular photo software.

.ithmb file ? specifications

.ithmb files come under the media files category and the Mime type is application/octet-stream.

The picture files stored in .ithmb files are 16-bit uncompressed picture files that are very large in size. One plausible reason why picture files are stored in an uncompressed format on an iPod could be to save resources. In case the picture files are in a compressed format, a significant amount of processing power will be spent on uncompressing the files on-the-fly, causing the iPod battery to drain faster.

How to restore photos from the iPod cache in case you loose your iPod

In case you lose your iPod, you can restore photos from the iPod cache stored on your computer?s hard disk using third-party software, such as File Juicer.

Can .ithmb files be converted to other more acceptable photo formats?

Yes, but you will need a converter program to convert .ithmb files to other more acceptable file formats.

Names of the programs that can open .ithmb files on a Mac OS

  • Keith?s iPod Photo Reader
  • Echo One File Juicer

How to resolve file type errors that often occur when you try to open certain file types in Windows

Typically, file type errors occur when one or more file openers on Windows are either damaged or corrupt. To repair the problem, simply use FileCure to fix the damaged file openers and open the required file.