Purpose of Files with the .info File Extension

.info File Extension ? An overview

The file extension .info is recorded to be primarily associated with Cannon?s ZoomBrowser and .info files that are referred to as Cannon ZoomBrowser image files. ZoomBrowser software offer users a variety of features and allows them to download images, organize images, edit images, print images, as well as send images as e-mail attachments.

ZoomBrowser uses the .info files to store information about images present in the albums, such as thumbnails and image descriptions. Thumbnails of an image present in a ZoomBrowser album is created when you open the image in the ZoomBrowser and are stored in the same directory where the image is located. This eliminates the need of generating thumbnails on-the-fly and facilitates quick browsing of ZoomBrowser albums.

Generally, the ZoomBrowser index file is called Zbthumbnail.info. Usually the file is hidden and you may not see it depending on your computer?s file viewing settings. These files fall under the raster image files category.

It is also recorded that some applications, such as Drupal ? a web-based context management system ? use .info files to store configuration information.

How to open an .info file

You can open an .info (Cannon ZoomBroswer Image Index) file in Windows using Cannon ZoomBrowser EX.

.info files that store configuration information, such as the ones used by Drupal are used in conjunction with the software to which the .info file belongs.

Names of other applications that are recorded to be associated with the .info file type are:

  • UNIX (GNU info reader file)
  • Unknown Apple II file
  • Amiga

In case you receive an error when you try to open a .info (Cannon ZoomBrowser Image Index) file, seek the assistance of a reliable file extension repair program to successfully open, edit, or save the desired .info file.