Purpose of the .dwl File Extension

.dwl File Extension – An Introduction

Two file types are recorded as using the .dwl file extension. These two file types are:

File Type #1 Autodesk AutoCAD Drawing Lock file

The .dwl file extension is primarily recorded to be associated with AutoCAD, a software application from Autodesk, Inc. meant for 2D and 3D design and drafting. A .dwl file is automatically created whenever you open a drawing file (.dwg file) for editing.

Please note, .dwl files are only created when you edit a .dwg file and not when you open .dwg files in read-only mode. The .dwl file stores information, such as who opened the corresponding .dwg file, on what computer, what .dwg file was opened, and the time and date the .dwg file was opened. Typically, .dwl files are automatically deleted when you close its corresponding .dwg file.

.dwl files come under the category of Data Files and the Mime type is application/octet-stream.

Purpose of .dwl files

The main purpose of .dwl files is to prevent more than one user from opening and modifying a .dwg file at the same time.

Is it safe to delete .dwl files?

Typically, .dwl files are automatically deleted when you close the corresponding .dwg file. However, at times this may not happen and you may find some .dwl files present on your computer. Though these files can be safely deleted, ensure that no user is accessing the corresponding .dwg (drawing) file before you delete a .dwl file.

Name of the program that can open .dwl files

You can open a .dwl file using the following program:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD

File Type #2 ? Textur Editor Compressed File

The .dwl file extension is also recorded as a Textur Editor Compressed file. Little information is available on this file type, its behavior, or purpose.

In case you are unable to open a .dwl file type on your Windows PC, use FileCure to diagnose and fix the problem.