Purpose of the .drv File Extension

The .drv File Extension ? A Brief Introduction

The file extension .drv is associated with Device Driver. These files are primarily used by Windows to communicate with both external and internal hardware devices.

The Mime type of .drv files is application/octet-stream.

Purpose of .drv files

.drv files store commands and parameters for how the Windows operating system and devices will communicate with each other. These files are used to install a new device driver on a Windows computer.

File Usage

.drv files are referenced by an application and should not be opened directly by the user.

The .drv file format may be used by malware programs to spread infection. Be wary of any .drv file that you receive as an email attachment.

Name of the Program that opens .drv files in Windows

  • Windows operating system

What should one do when a file type error occurs while opening a particular file?

Typically, file type errors indicate that either you don?t have the necessary program required to open the file or some file openers of your Windows system are damaged. To get rid of the irritating file type error and open the desired file, simply use a reliable file extension repair software.