Purpose of the .chm File Extension

What is the .chm file extension?

The term ?chm? is an acronym for Compiled Help Module. The .chm file format was developed by Microsoft and is used with online help files.

Typically, .chm files store a set of web pages and a table of contents that is hyperlinked to allow users to easily browse the necessary section.

Initially, the .chm file format was used exclusively for the creation of online helps, however, at present this file format is also used for the creation of e-books.

Purpose of the .chm file format

As mentioned above, .chm files are used for storing online help documents of a program. The function of this file type is to allow your computer to locate the associated help document when you click the program?s help section.

.chm files – security concern

.chm files are recorded to be susceptible to virus infection. To ensure that you do not open a malicious .chm file by mistake, always scan .chm files that you receive as email attachments before opening them.

Names of the programs that can open a .chm file

If you use Windows, you may open a .chm file using the following applications:

  • xCHM
  • Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari
  • ChmDecompiler
  • Help Explorer Viewer
  • Drawingsoft PowerCHM
  • Help Software WinCHM
  • GridinSoft CHM Editor or CHM Decoder

On a Mac OS, you may open a .chm file using the following applications:

  • xCHM
  • Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari
  • CHM Viewer
  • Chmox

If you use Linux, you may open a .chm file using the following applications:

  • xCHM
  • Help Explorer Viewer

While certain .chm files can be viewed within a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, many other .chm files require a .chm viewer.

If a .chm file is viewable in web browser then your web browser is automatically launched or opened when you click the ?Help? option present in the program.

In case the .chm file you are trying to view is only viewable using a .chm viewer and you don?t have a .chm viewer program installed on your system, then you will receive an error when you try to access the file.

At times, you may not be able to open a .chm file even when the required program is installed on your Windows computer. This behavior is generally reported when there are damaged file openers on your Windows system. To fix the issue and view the .chm file, we recommend you use FileCure, a reliable file extension repair tool that promptly repairs damaged file openers, and provides users fast access to files.