What is the .pro File Extension?

The .pro file format is used by various applications, including ProPresenter, Pro/Engineer, Euphoria, QT Project, and Fast-Talk. In most instances, it is found that .pro files are used as configuration files by various programs to either store general settings of an application or PC.

Description of an application that uses this file format is given in detail below. We have also listed the names of all other applications that are known to be associated with the .pro file type.

File Type – ProPresenter Export File

ProPresenter is lyric presentation software that is available for use only on the Mac OS operating system. The software allows Mac OS users to create presentations that contain lyrics of songs. The .pro file format is one of many file formats that this software uses. The .pro files (ProPresenter Export Files) store video and lyrics.

You can open a .pro file on a Mac OS using Renewed Vision ProPresenter.

Names of other applications that are associated with the .pro file format

  1. Xilinx Integrated Software Environment
  2. Atari
  3. Terramodel
  4. DOS Graphics Profile File
  5. Euphoria
  6. PC|SCHEMATIC Automation
  7. Unknown Apple II File
  8. Chord Pro
  9. Sid Meier’s SimGolf
  10. Qt
  11. Pegasus Mail
  12. IDL
  13. Guitar Chord File
  14. Creamware Pulsar Audio File
  15. Fast-Talk
  16. PV-WAVE Procedure File
  17. Pagis Pro
  18. Infinity Game Engine
  19. Pro/ENGINEER
  20. Punch Pro Home Design File
  21. Lorenz Graf HTML Tool
  22. PROLOG Program File

I?ve received a .pro file attachment, how do I open it?

To open a .pro file, just double-click on it. If the program that is used for opening the file is installed on your computer then the file will load automatically. Otherwise, you will receive an error message stating, Windows can?t open this file. When this happens, you can use any of the following methods to open the .pro file:

  • Identify the program that created the .pro file that you have received as an email attachment. Next, install this program on your computer and then open the file.
  • Use a file opener program to open the .pro files. One such file opener program that allows you to easily open various file types, including .pro files is FileCure.