A Preview of Files with the .moi Extension

What is an .moi file?

A .moi file is an informative file which stores all the details about a .tod file or .mod MPEG file recorded using JVC Camcorders.? A Camcorder is also called video camera recorder, and combines the functionalities of a video camera and a video recorder into one unit. The JVC Camcorder is an innovative video camera recorder from JVC Americas Corp.

.moi files do not contain any video or audio. To put it simply, they are the metadata which just stores details like version, date, time etc., of a recorded .mod or .tod video file using the JVC Camcorder. These .moi files along with the .tod or .mod MPEG video files can be played on a diverse set of Camcorders like the JVC Everio series, Canon and quite a few Panasonic camcorders.

What programs can open .moi files?

The below listed software can open .moi files.

  • Pixela Capty MPEG Edit EX
  • iOrgSoft Mod Converter

Are you trying to open an .moi file but do not have the supporting software to open it?

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