What is the .pnf File Extension Used For?

What is the .pnf file extension?

Two instances of the .pnf file type are recorded.? Each one is discussed in detail below:

File Type #1

Portable Network Graphics bitmap graphics

The .pnf file extension is associated with Portable Network Graphics (PNG), which is a bitmapped image format that uses no-data-loss compression. The purpose behind using PNF files was to improve the functionality of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and to replace GIF as an image-file format.

How to open a .pnf image file in Windows

You can open a .pnf image file like any other image file, which means you can open the file with any photo editing program, such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

File Type #2

Windows Precompiled INF File

The .pnf file extension is also used to represent a Windows Precompiled Setup Information File. Windows creates a PNF file for each INF file to ensure efficient processing. Typically, PNF files are stored in the %windir% or %windir%\Inf folder.

The Windows Precompiled INF Files fall under the category of miscellaneous files. The Mime type of these files is application/x-pnf.

Note: %windir% is a variable and refers to the directory where Windows is installed. Typically, the path is C:\Windows.

What information is included in PNF files?

Besides including the name of the original INF file and other file attributes, a PNF file also includes information pertaining to the content of the original INF file.

How to open .pnf files in a Window computer

.pnf files, which are used by various applications, are not meant to be opened directly by the user.

It is recommended that you do not delete any .pnf file from your %windir% folder, as doing so may result in various errors that may be hard to fix.

If one or more .pnf files are corrupt and generating errors on your computer, you may use the FileCure software to fix the files and repair the errors generated by them.