What Are .pcb File Extension Files Used For?

Purpose of .pcb extension files

Files with .pcb extensions are needed to run PCB (Printed Circuit board) files. Apart from this, files with .pcb extensions are used as settings application files in PowerPoint from Microsoft, as well as in the file design program of Broderbund?s Print Shop business card. Files with .pcb extensions are saved in the standard .ASCII text format.

As mentioned above, .pcb extension files are used in PowerPoint. When you make any changes or remove any PowerPoint?s toolbars or buttons, the changes are stored in a PCB file by PowerPoint.

What are the programs that open .pcb extension files?

If you use Windows, you can open .pcb files using the following programs:

  • Mentor Graphics PCB Browser or Board Station
  • ExpressPCB
  • CadSoft EAGLE
  • Altium Designer or P-CAD
  • McCAD

If you use Linux, you can open .pcb files using the following program:

  • CadSoft EAGLE

If you use a Mac operating system, you can open .pcb files using the following programs:

  • Osmond PCB
  • Capilano DesignWorks Professional or Expres
  • McCAD
  • CadSoft EAGLE

Which companies manufacture programs that use .pcb extension files?

The following companies manufacture programs that use .pcb files:

  • Microsoft (PowerPoint)
  • Broderbund (Print Shop)
  • Quadra Solutions (CADSTAR)
  • Altium Limited (P-CAD, ACCEL, and Protel PCB design programs)

I?m getting a File Type error when attempting to open a .pcb file

To fix the matter and open a .pcb file you may make use a reliable file repair program.? A good file repair program allows you to successfully fix different types of files with both known and unknown file extensions in just a few mouse clicks.