An Overview of Files with the .gho Extension

What is a .gho file?

Files with the extension .gho indicate the older version of Ghost Image files of the Norton Ghost software by Symantec Corporation. These files were utilized for taking archives or for backup and restore activities in the legacy versions of the MS DOS operating system.

How does Ghost software work?

Ghost software is used to make a replica of your Hard disk drive or a selected set of files. These cloned disk image files have a .gho extension and can be later restored back to your system. These archived files can be encrypted to enhance the security.

How to open .gho files

.gho files are opened by the Norton Ghost program of Symantec Corporation.

Do you get a message ?Cannot open .gho file? on your system?

Do you find yourself wasting time while trying to open legacy .gho Ghost image files?

Just download a reliable file extension repair software if you do not have Symantec?s Norton Ghost Application installed on your PC. A good wizard-based file repair tool is extremely simple to work with any type of file extension. With its huge database of supporting file types and possible errors, the tool can quickly identify the exact problem with any file. The tool operates on the file openers of your PC and repairs them or puts new file openers on your system.