Brief Overview of Files with the .fnt File Extension

What is an .fnt file?

In Microsoft Windows there are a set of generic fonts defined by Microsoft that decide how written text will be displayed or printed in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

The .fnt file extension is used with these generic Microsoft Windows Font files. These files are now replaced with TrueType (.TTF) and OpenType (.OTF) fonts.

What are the different forms of Windows Font .fnt files?

Any file in the .fnt format, may store two different forms of fonts-

1. Raster Font
2. Vector Font

Raster Font: This type of font is also called as the ?Bitmap? font. As the name indicates, each alphabet or character is created using a Bitmap. A bitmap is nothing but a format used to represent an image. When representing an image, bitmap divides into many pixels and color attributes are displayed for each pixel. The Raster fonts look distorted if they are scaled beyond their defined limits.

Vector Font: As the name implies, a Vector Font represents characters and shapes as a set of lines, curves or any geometrical shape. It is also called ?Stroke? font. They can be scaled to any length without degrading the quality. However, these Font types are slower than Raster Fonts.

What is an Outline Font Technology?

Both the Raster and Vector fonts are slowly being replaced by the latest Outline font technology. TrueType Font is a type of Outline Font, where a mathematical equation defines the shape of each character. This is one of the best font technologies used today where the quality of the print or the display content is not compromised even if the characters are scaled to any desired length.

How to open or edit .fnt files

Vsoft FontEdit in Windows can easily edit these font files. ?Some freeware editor programs like Sib Font Editor are also available that you can download to edit these .fnt files.

FileCure is another efficient tool that you can use to open your generic Windows Font files. If you do not have any of these conventional tools that can open and edit the .fnt file type, then you can make use of FileCure tool to ease the process of working with .fnt files.