A Brief Outline on Files with the .mim Extension

What is a .mim file?

A .mim file is a well-known MIME file format used by emails sent via the Internet. MIME expands to Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions which denotes any type of file or document containing images, text, audio or video that can be attached to emails and transferred over the internet. To put it simply, .mim files are readable formats by email applications.

A .mim file that is received as a single file via email will often contain a set of files or documents with varied file extensions. It stores the encoded 8- bit data, special characters and the US ASCII characters.

What are the programs that can open .mim files?

.mim files are opened with the help of the below mentioned software and freeware.

  • Winzip
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 2010

Have you received a .mim file via an email from a trusted source?

Does your Operating System toss out an error every time you try to open or save files with the .mim extension?

Does your system not have any of the above relevant software or freeware installed on it?

In any of the above situations, you can simply download and install the FileCure application. This is a file extension repair tool that offers quick fixes for any type of extension error. This tool is well-equipped with a built in database of hundreds of unknown file extension types and related feasible error codes.

With its powerful batch of optimized queries, it scans the system to find an apt fix for the damaged file extension type. It works on the file openers of your system and offers a fast fix.