How to Open .webarchive Files in Windows

.webarchive file extension ? An introduction

The file extension .webarchive is recorded to be associated with Safari, which is a web browser from Apple and comes as part of the Mac OS X operating system.

A .webarchive file is a Safari web archive file. In other words, a .webarchive file is a web page saved by Safari that can be viewed by the user even when the computer is not connected to the Internet. The web archive feature included in Safari is a useful one, as it allows users to view a web page offline.

A .webarchive file contains the main resource, subresources, and subframes of the main resource, where an entire webpage, part of the webpage, or other data, such as an image can constitute as the main resource.

Single .webarchive files contain archived html pages, videos, images, or sounds that are all saved to one webpage. This means that if you need to view multiple web pages of a Website offline, then you need to save one .webarchive file for each page.

.webarchive files come under the web files category.

Programs that open .webarchive files

If you use Windows, you may use the following program to open .webarchive files:

  • Apple Safari

If you use a Mac OS, you may use any of the following programs to open .webarchive files:

  • Apple Safari
  • Cruz
  • Apple TextEdit
  • iCab

Important: Although you can open .webarchive files using Apple TextEdit, the contents may not appear correctly.

How to open .webarchive files in Windows

The best way to open .webarchive files on a Windows PC is by using Apple Safari 4. Install this program on your Windows computer and perform the following steps to open a .webarchive file:

  1. Open Apple Safari 4.
  2. Select Ctrl+O.
  3. Locate the .webarchive file you wish to open and click Open.

In case you don?t wish to install Safari, you may try opening the .webarchive file using Internet Explorer. To do this, save the .webarchive file on your desktop and then open the file in Internet Explorer.

If you receive file type errors when you try to open a .webarchive file, then you may use a file extension repair software to diagnose problems with corrupt files and damaged file openers and fix them.