How to Open an .lwp File in Microsoft Word

The .lwp file type is primarily recorded to be associated with Lotus Word Pro, a word processor that is an integral part of the Lotus SmartSuite Office suite. Lotus Word Pro is used for creating proposals, reports, and various other kinds of text documents. Files that have the .lwp file extension are commonly referred to as Lotus Word Pro Document Files.

The .lwp files come under the category of Text Files and the mime type is: application/lwp, application/wordpro, application/vnd.lotus-wordpro, application/x-ami, zz-application/zz-winassoc-lwp.

Program that opens .lwp files

Window users can open an .lwp file using IBM Lotus Word Pro

Is it possible to convert an .lwp file into the PDF format?

Yes, you can convert an .lwp into PDF format using a free PDF converter.

How to open .lwp files in the Microsoft Word application

LWP viewers are available that can help you view an .lwp file in Microsoft Word. One LWP viewer that is available for free download is Louts KeyView. You can download this program from the Lotus official website. After you have downloaded this program, open the required .lwp file in it, and then Copy and Paste the contents in a Microsoft Word File. A small drawback of using this procedure is that you may lose some formatting.

Names of other applications associated with the .lwp file type

Besides Lotus Word Pro, the following two applications are recorded to be associated with the .lwp file type:

  • Lightwright
  • IBM Works for OS/2 document

I?m unable to open an .lwp file. What should I do?

We recommend that you use FileCure to access the required .lwp file. FileCure is an excellent tool that not only allows Windows users to view various file types, including .lwp files, but can also fix file extension errors.