How to Open Files with the .zm9 File Extension

What is the .zm9 file extension?

The .zm9 file extension is mainly associated with the Zone Alarm MailSafe software by Zone Labs. It is an e-mail protection software that provides complete safety against potential viruses. The .zm9 file extension is also associated with the ZSNES Movie #9 emulator software.

What is the .zm9 file extension used for?

ZoneAlarm MailSafe

Zone Labs was a creator of security software that was acquired by Checkpoint Software. ZoneAlarm MailSafe is a part of the ZoneAlarm Firewall Pro which is a powerful software firewall. ZoneAlarm MailSafe is an email security software which protects the system against potential viruses which can arrive as email attachments.

MailSafe is kept active by default in the firewall and it can also be disabled using the options provided by the software. MailSafe provides security against the most common email protocols POP3 and IMAP. The MailSafe software identifies malicious .vbs or visual basic scripts and prevents them from executing on the system. When a virus or a malware is detected in an email the file is quarantined immediately and then the file is compressed and saved in the .zm9 file extension.

MailSafe doesn?t delete mails with malicious content from the system immediately, as it is not a virus scanner. Instead of deleting the mail it is quarantined and stored in a .zm9 file extension format. This provides the user with an opportunity to check for the mails authenticity. If the mail is wrongly quarantined, you can click on the file with the .zm9 file extension and provide an exception.

Sometimes, the ZoneAlarm MailSafe can cause conflicts with the mail client and can completely freeze the system. Disabling the MailSafe software and then opening the email client will solve this issue.

ZSNES Emulator

ZSNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System or NES emulator software. This is a GPL licensed software used to run ROM images of the Nintendo cartridges on a PC. This software is additionally used to record and dump movie files on a PC.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .zm9 file extension?

The .zm9 file extension can be opened using the ZoneAlarm Mailsafe software. Since the .zm9 file extension formats are just renamed .zip files, they can be opened using any compression utility software like WinZip or Winrar

ZSNES emulator software can also be used to open files with the .zm9 file extension.

If you face problems with a .zm9 file, then you may use File Cure, which is a powerful utility that fixes file type errors and opens any kind of file extensions. You can use the File Cure software to fix and open files with the .zm9 file extension.