How to Open Files with the .yuv File Extension

What is the .yuv file extension?

The .yuv file extension is used to represent a color space pixel format. This format is primarily used for raster image files that are used to represent images with better quality than the RGB format. This .yuv file extension is also used by yuv video files.

What is the .yuv file extension used for?

YUV Image File

The .yuv file extension format is a 16-bit image format and is often represented as the .yuv format. The .yuv file extension format is the newest image container file that stores the brightness sequence in the Y component and color sequence in the U and V components.

Technically, the Y is referred to as the luminance component where U and V are known as the chrominance components. The files saved using this image format have the .yuv file extension.

While Y is the luminance component, Y is called the luma component that represents the gamma component involved in the display. Luminance is the brightness, which is given out by visible light but luma is the electronic brightness that depends on the voltage of the display. The .yuv file extension format is used for the yuv display, which is superior to the usual RGB display format.

YUV Video Format

YUV image files in motion make YUV videos. YUV videos store a regular sequence of yuv images into one single video file with the .yuv file extension. The reason this file format is widely used is because of its good compression as well as good picture quality. MP4 players and other video devices use this format to record and view video. The .yuv file extension format can be decoded using the h.264 and MPEG-4 video decoders.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .yuv file extension?

The .yuv file extension format can be viewed using some picture viewers. Some of them are ?

  • XnView
  • ImageMagick
  • Elecard YUV Viewer

Video files with the .yuv file extension can be viewed using the players and converter software listed below.

  • Sunray Image YUV Tools
  • YUV Player Deluxe
  • AVI/WMV PSP Converter
  • 3X 3GP Video Converter

FileCure can be used to open and edit files with the .yuv file extension. This software helps in fixing file type errors and associates files with their respective programs.