How to Open Files with the .xrm-ms File Extension

What does the .xrm-ms file extension stand for?

The .xrm-ms file extension is associated with the Microsoft Security certificate file. It is usually the XML file which contains the security module of the Microsoft security files.

What do these .xrm-ms file extensions do?

These security files are usually created by Microsoft and placed in their operating systems and supplied to big computer manufacturers like Dell, HP etc. They usually have the certificate data of the manufacturers and the OS Product keys embedded in them. These .xrm-ms files help in digitally verifying the authenticity of the software purchase and are also used to activate the Microsoft software on individual systems.

.xrm-ms file extension files are also used when a manufacturer pre-installs software, like Microsoft Windows on a system. These files are also found on the recovery disk provided by manufacturers.

Which software are used to open the .xrm-ms file extension?

There is no particular software dedicated to view files with the .xrm-ms file extension. Most of the time these security certificate files are embedded in an XML file and placed on the system. You can use either the browser or a Text editor to view this file.

Opening .xrm-ms extension files with Notepad might lead to gibberish information on your screen. In this case you can try embedding the file into the XML format and view it in the browser.

As these are security files, they should not be altered until and unless you have full knowledge about them. Editing these files without knowledge can harm your system in many ways. Some of these files are listed below.

  1. Password files ? You may end up editing a file which is needed to enter the system or change the security features of software.
  2. Product keys ? Product keys of the Operating system or any other software might be altered. However, this can negatively impact their functionality.
  3. Permissions ? If edited incorrectly you may end up giving administrator rights to a guest user.

Always remember not to delete any of files with the .xrm-ms file extension as they are needed by the system to address security issues. If you are unsure about the file extension and want to view the files, you can install a file extension repair software which can help you open files with the .xrm-ms file extension. This software will also help you fix file extensions and open them without any problems.