How to Open Files with the .xlxs File Extension

What is the .xlxs file extension?

The .xlxs file extension is associated with the Microsoft Excel application designed by Microsoft. Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet application which is used for storing and displaying data, pivot tables, and graphs in organized cells.

What is the .xlxs file extension used for?

Excel is a widely accepted spreadsheet application which is used to manage and analyze data and uses excellent visual tools. Excel is used to prepare dynamic spreadsheets and the data can be manipulated using external software or by VBA programming. It is a popular application used by different industry sectors like Finance, Engineering and Statistical design.

The .xlxs file extension format is one of the wide varieties of default formats offered by excel to save a workbook. It is an open XML format which not only includes all the features of a regular workbook, but also includes XML formatting i.e all the features of an Excel workbook can be stored in the XML format. The files are comprised of numerous XML parts which are packed within a compressed file for efficient storage. This is the reason the files saved in this format can be opened using any spreadsheet software on any OS platform.

The excel file saved in this format signifies that it is a macro-free XML spreadsheet which means that if you include a macro within the .xlxs file extension format, Excel will not load the file. This is the security feature provided by Microsoft Excel software to protect the workbook. Versions of excel earlier than 2007 cannot open this format so Microsoft has released a free converter pack which can be downloaded and installed from their website.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .xlxs file extension?

The .xlxs file extension format can be opened using spreadsheet software. Some of them are listed below ?

Windows based

  1. Microsoft Office Excel
  2. Excel Viewer
  3. Microsoft Works or Office Starter
  4. Calc
  5. Resolver One
  6. Lotus Symphony

Open Source and Free Software

  1. and Calc
  2. Kspread
  3. NeoOffice
  4. Excel Viewer by Microsoft

Linux based Software

  1. KSpread
  2. Gnumeric
  3. Calc

Web Based Software

  1. KDCalc
  2. EditGrid
  3. ZOHO Sheets
  4. Google Spreadsheets

For Mac based systems

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Apple Works
  3. Numbers in Apple iWork Suite

FileCure Software ? FileCure software can open files with the .xlxs file extension. It is an application which fixes errors with file associations. Such an advantage helps it in opening any kind of file format and it can also associate a format with the correct application.