How to Open Files with the .xls File Extension

What does the .xls file extension stand for?

XLS is an acronym for XL Spreadsheet. XLS is associated with the Microsoft Excel application designed by Microsoft. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application used to display data and graphs in organized cells. It is widely used for mathematical and account based calculations.

What are XLS files used for?

Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software which is used for calculations, graphs and macro programming. Excel is also accepted and used in engineering, statistical and financial sectors.

Excel is used to:

  1. Create dynamic spreadsheets
  2. Improve the analytical ability
  3. Share business spreadsheets
  4. Manage business information more successfully

What are the software applications needed to run files with the .xls file extension?

Excel Viewer is a software provided by Microsoft to view Excel workbooks. This software can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website for free. Excel Viewer helps you view and print .xls files on any system. You cannot edit the .xls file using the viewer, for this you need the paid professional software by Microsoft called ?Office Excel?. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office Package and it can also be purchased separately.

What are the different kinds of software used to open an .xls File?

There are some third-party applications apart from Excel that you can use to open.xls files.

Free Software

  • OpenOffice Spreadsheets and Calc
  • CleanSheets
  • Thinkfree Cal

Paid Software

  • Spread32
  • Abykus

Web-Based Software

  • ZOHO Sheets
  • Google Docs

For Mac-based systems

  1. Microsoft Office for Mac
  2. Numbers in Apple iWork Suite

Linux-based Software

  • OpenOffice Spreadsheets and Calc
  • KOffice
  • Gnumeric

What are the file formats associated with Excel?
The popular formats of Excel apart from .xls are:

  • .xlsx
  • .xla
  • .xlb
  • .xlc
  • .xld
  • .xlk
  • .xll
  • .xlm
  • .xlt
  • .xlv
  • .xlw
  • .xlsm
  • .xlsb

How can I open a corrupt .xls file and how do I repair it?

If an Excel file is corrupt, you may use the following methods to work around the issue or resolve it:

  • Download the .xls file again? If you have downloaded the .xls file, you can try downloading it back again.
  • Use the Repair Feature in Office ?You can run the repair feature in Microsoft office to fix the damaged .xls file.
  • Recreate the file ? Recreate the excel file. However, by doing this you may lose all data in the corrupt file.
  • Use the FileCure Software ? FileCure is a software that can help you open any damaged .xls file. This software can not only fix corrupt files, but also enable you to open them.