How to Open Files with the .ws File Extension

What is the .ws file extension?

The .ws file extension is partly or completely associated with a range of software. They are Windows Script, APL worksheet, Rhino 3D, SigmaNEST and the Microsoft Train simulator. The .ws file extension is either used to store scripts or CAD/ CAM design files.

What is the .ws file extension used for?

Windows Script

The .ws file extension is a file format used by the Windows Script Host. This script format allows mixing of all forms of scripting language like VBscript, JavaScript, Perl, PHP etc. The Windows Script can be included using different XML elements and can also be linked to scripts externally. The scripting abilities are equivalent to batch files but are far superior in range of supported features. As the .ws file extension format supports a lot of scripts, it can be used to pack virus and malware by virus programmers. It is always safe to open files with .ws file extension only after a thorough check with the Anti-virus program.

APL Worksheet

The .ws file extension is also associated with the APL or A programming language or Array Programming Language. The APL is used basically for understanding and analyzing topics related to computers. It is designed on a framework to provide support and handle multiple arrays at the same time. This helps in reducing multiple loops, and helps in creating lighter source codes. This language stores the source files in the form of worksheets with the .ws file extension.

Rhino 3D

Rhinoceros 3D or Rhino 3D is a comprehensive 3-D modeling software often used in various fields like

  • CAD/ CAM
  • Jewelry Design
  • Industrial Architecture
  • Marine Design
  • Graphic designing and many more

The .ws file extension is used to store 3D files created in Rhino and works only in versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.


Like rhino 3D, ?SigmaNEST is a 3D modeling software and uses the .ws file for storing 3D images.

Train Simulator

The .ws file extension is also associated with World Sound File of the Microsoft Train simulator game.

What are the different kinds of software used to open .ws file extension?

Files with the .ws file extension can be opened based on the type of software it is associated with, some of them are-

  • Windows Script– These types can be opened and edited in any of the Text editors like:
  • Notepad
  • MS Word
  • TextPad
  • APL Worksheet ? Files associated with APL can be opened using a browser, Text Editor or Program editors
  • Rhino 3D – Files associated with Rhino 3D and SigmaNEST can be opened using any of the CAD / CAM software.
  • Train Simulator ? Train Simulator files can be opened using the Windows OS.

FileCure software is a powerful utility which can open files with the .ws file extension and can associate it with any of the applications listed above. This software can be used to fix file extension errors also.