How to Open Files with the .wks file Extension

What is a .wks file extension?

The .wks file extension is most commonly associated with Microsoft Works and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet software. It is also used by the XLISP Software to store WorkSPace data. This format was used primarily in Lotus 1-2-3 as WorKSheets and this is the reason it carries the .wks file extension.

What is the .wks file extension used for?

Lotus 1-2-3

Lotus 1-2-3 is spreadsheet software designed by Lotus Software which was acquired by IBM. The software was released to the corporate world as an accounting software and this is the reason for its popularity in the 80?s. Another reason for its popularity was that it was the only application which could handle complex mathematical calculations.

The Lotus 1-2-3 software was designed to store, formulate, text, numerical values, alphanumeric text etc in an organized row and column structure. It can also be used to prepare charts and graphs which can be altered dynamically with complex calculations. This spreadsheet was stored in the .wks file extension format.

Microsoft Works

Microsoft Works is a productivity suite designed to handle database, word processing and spreadsheet operations. It is a stepped down version of Microsoft Office with reduced functionality and was sold as a less expensive version. This product has been discontinued by Microsoft and has been replaced by Office Starter software in 2010.

The Excel module in Microsoft Works is a spreadsheet software using files with the .wks file extension. The .wks file extension format is designed to store information and data on a grid of cells and the file is popularly called a spreadsheet or a worksheet. Files created in Lotus 1-2-3 in the .wks file extension format can also be opened with Excel. The support for .wks files has been discontinued in the new Office Starter package which has replaced Microsoft Works.

XLISP WorkSPace Software

It is derived from the LISP programming language which is still used for numerical and mathematical problems. It provides a developmental interface for LISP with object oriented support. The files created with this software stores the source code in the .wks file extension format.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .wks file extension?

Free Software

  • OpenOffice Spreadsheets and Calc

Paid Software

  • Microsoft Works
  • Microsoft Office
  • Lotus 1-2-3

Web Based Software

  • Google Docs
  • ZOHO Sheets

For Mac based systems

  • Microsoft Office
  • Apple iWork Suite Numbers

Linux based Software

  • OpenOffice
  • KOffice

Other Software

  • XLISP Worksheet

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