How to Open Files with the .vsd File Extension

What is the .vsd file extension?

The .vsd file extension is a native format associated with the Visio application designed by Microsoft. It is an application to design Flowcharts, diagrams and layouts using both basic and complex vector graphics.

What is the .vsd file extension used for?

The .vsd file extension format is associated with the Microsoft Visio Software which is an application to design complex diagrams and flowcharts. It was designed by the Visio Corporation which was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2000. There are 2 versions of Visio software released by Microsoft.? They are Standard and Professional. The standard version has less templates and functionalities than the professional version.

The.vsd file extension contains technical drawings like business process flowcharts, Network flowcharts and diagrams, Software Workflow and complex database representations. The Advanced functionality of this software helps a user to connect with multiple data resources and displays them graphically.

This software is useful as it allows users to correspond complex information visually and in a simple format. The flowcharts and diagrams created by it packs a range of data like text, images, visual objects and also data which is imported from other sources.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .vsd file extension?

Files with the .vsd file extension can be opened with Microsoft Office Visio software. This is part of the Office suite which includes other software capable of opening files with the .vsd file extension. Microsoft has released a Visio viewer on its website which can be downloaded for free and this provides the basic read only functionality. There is an online Visio viewer which opens files with the help of a web browser. There are not many software which can open the.vsd file extension, a few of them are:

    • CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5 ? This is a professional graphic design software developed by Corel Corp. This software is available for both Windows and Apple operating systems. ?Drawings and designs developed with this can be stored in the .vsd file extension format and can be opened with Microsoft Visio and vice versa.
    • FileCure Software ? FileCure is a powerful application which opens files with the .vsd file extension. This software helps in opening formats related to any software. It also associates files with their correct applications and can fix file association errors.