How to Open Files with the .vcd File Extension

What is a .vcd file extension?

The .vcd file extension is most commonly associated with software like Virtual CD, Video CD, VisualCADD and the Altera Quartus II software. This format is extensively used by the two most commonly available software- Virtual CD and Video CD.

What is the .vcd file extension used for?

Video CD

The .vcd file extension is used by the popular Video CD format, which is widely accepted to store VHS quality videos digitally on CD?s and Dvd?s. This format was jointly developed by Sony, Matsushita, Philips and JVC. It is a format which packs in ?MPEG-1 video layer? and ?MPEG-1 audio layer 2? for audio files. When a video is burnt on a disc using the VCD format it creates 4 files with the .vcd file extension. They are

  • Info.vcd
  • Entries.vcd
  • Psd.vcd
  • Lot.vcd

Almost all the disk players play this format and after the creation of DVD this format has become redundant.

Virtual CD

Virtual CD is a software which is used to emulate a physical optical drive. This enables a system to store an image of the software on the hard disk which needs a physical drive to run the program. The software creates a virtual environment on which these files can be mounted. This helps in loading the data on the disk faster and this is the reason it is used to store data on network drives. Extensive use of optical disks will make them unreadable and so this software helps creating an image and placing it on the hard drive. The files created by the Virtual CD software carries the .vcd file extension.


VisualCADD is a popular software designed by CaddVillage to create manual drafts of engineering drawings and images. Files created using this software have the .vcd file extension.

Altera Quartus II software

VCD stands for Value Change Dump and the .vcd file extension is used by the Altera Quartus software which is primarily used for logic design. It creates data dumps which carry header info, custom values, design variables, Vector and scalar values which are stored in the .vcd file extension format.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .vcd file extension?

The .vcd file extension format can be opened using the software listed below

    • Virtual CD
    • Any Video Player like PowerDVD
    • Altera Quartus
    • VisualCADD
    • FileCure Software ? FileCure is a powerful file extension repair software which helps in opening files with the .vcd file extension. This software repairs and associates files with their right applications.